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Rhyd Ddu sign

Snowdon – Rhyd Ddu

A 30 foot wee, mountain rescue, and nearly falling to my death were some of the highlights of my Snowdon walk up the Rhyd Ddu path.

Queen bee emerging

Bees on quaaludes

The girls had been up to more antics, but we were rewarded in fine style by hearing tooting.

Close-up of bee on hive

Again? Really?

Oh come on, this is getting plain ridiculous. The girls now taking to the sky most days…

Bearded bee hive in Guildford

Bee street party

Not for the first time, the girls get some sun, and stretch their wings over the garden.

Empty honey jar

Bloody bees

The price of our honey is increasing quickly, as our girls decide they want to live in a different postcode, and our lives are too full.

Spring landing board

First inspection of 2022

Our first inspection of 2022 leaves us full of hope that this year will yield a bumper crop of honey, and the girls will be settled.

Honey jars close-up

Amber nectar (sort of)

We crop our first season’s honey, and enjoy the sense of fulfilment and learning that comes with this pass-time.

Bees swarming

Our first swarms

The first that I knew that something was “up” was a subconscious awareness of buzzing. Looking up from my Zoom call, I could see a swirling black mass of bees directly above our apiary. Shit…