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Don't Look Up

The Brecon 3 Peaks

The Brecon Three Peaks was a long overdue trip to South Wales, and an opportunity to tick-off another 3 Peaks.

A Belted Galloway

The Surrey 3 Peaks

The Surrey Three Peaks is the least ambitious of our walks so far, but given our combined waistage, that’s no bad thing!

Cider and gin

Cocktails for wasps

Friday night in our apiary is all about cocktails for wasps. Quality cider. Premium Gin. And no hangover to worry about.

Set honey

It’s a bee’s life

With the foraging season coming to a close, it’s time to make a decision: Leave the girls with their spoil, or spoil their day.

Haunted House in Devon

Ghosts or suggestibility?

Staying in a 500 year old cottage in a remote corner of East Devon resulted in one of the most disturbing episodes of my life.

The Ranger Path

Snowdon – Ranger Path

As such a busy route, the Ranger Path was the last of the major paths up Snowdon to be ticked off the list. Not the finest of walks or weather, but I did learn a lot about the menopause.

Rhyd Ddu sign

Snowdon – Rhyd Ddu

A 30 foot wee, mountain rescue, and nearly falling to my death were some of the highlights of my Snowdon walk up the Rhyd Ddu path.

Queen bee emerging

Bees on quaaludes

The girls had been up to more antics, but we were rewarded in fine style by hearing tooting.