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My Experience

My experience spans digital (marketing and e-commerce) as well as traditional/ offline marketing. This page provides an overview of the experience I possess that I will bring to your business.

A digital specialist

First and foremost, I’m a digital person, with over 12 years digital marketing and 14 years e-commerce site design, implementation and optimisation. This skill set ensures that I’m able to take an holistic view of digital from awareness and direct response marketing, through to monetisation of that traffic. This integrated digital approach is backed by extensive experience in measurement of digital as a whole.

Alongside my digital, I have acquired a solid knowledge of traditional/ offline marketing, meaning that I’m not myopic in marketing strategy development and planning.

I would almost always advocate integrated marketing planning for many reasons, and my experience in this arena may be found on my Integrated Marketing page.

Digital Marketing

I gained my IDM Diploma in Digital Marketing in 2009, and have been working in this field since 2006 when I moved from IT to Marketing. During this time, I have worked across all major digital channels:
  • PPC: Budgets to £3M
  • SEO: Optimising for high volume, high cost and highly competitive terms including “car insurance”, “professional indemnity insurance” and “public liability insurance”
  • Social: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook
  • Display: Brand, Prospecting and Retargeting
  • Affiliates: Primarily Cost Per Sale
  • Email: Prospecting, conversion, reactivation and resolicitation
I have primarily used digital for direct response, but have experience in building brand awareness. More detail of the above may be found on my Digital Marketing page.

Throughout all of my digital marketing experience, measurement has been central to my work, primarily using Google Analytics, but on occasion using other tools and data sources.
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Allied to my digital marketing, I have over 14 years e-commerce experience. This experience was initially gained in IT, where I have held the role of e-Commerce programme manager.

Following my move from IT to Marketing in 2006, I have been responsible for major B2C websites with thousands of sales per month, through to pure B2B lead generation sites. During this time I have worked on:

  • Landing page optimisation
  • Transactional journey optimisation
  • User testing
  • Diagnostic tools including analytics and session recording
  • AB & Multivariate testing
  • Customer journey mapping
  • CMS implementation
  • SEO

I can offer consultancy on all of the above, with further details of my experience on my e-Commerce page.

IT background

While my software development career ended in 2003, and I left IT in 2006, many years working with IT teams provides me with enough understanding of infrastructure, sizing, capacity, development methodologies etc. to be able to communicate effectively across what can be an IT/ Marketing divide.

Offline Marketing

With 4 years traditional/ offline marketing under my belt, my offline marketing experience is solid, but not as deep or broad as my digital. That said, I’m more than capable of planning and implementing a wide range of traditional media in isolation, or in conjunction with digital. My offline channel experience includes:

  • Radio: Creative development, air-time negotiation and booking
  • Press: Creative development, planning, negotiation and booking
  • Direct Mail: B2B direct mail
  • Merchandise: Artwork and procurement
  • PR: I have been working with PR agencies over the last 4 years
  • TV: I have a modest amount of TV experience

I can provide traditional marketing consultancy across all of the above. On my Offline Marketing page, I expand on the experience summarised above.


I have many years measuring digital marketing, traditional marketing, integrated marketing and website/ e-commere performance. I am very comfortable with Google Analytics, have used Attribution modelling, and have had a fleeting encounter with Econometrics.

Other  marketing measures I am familiar with include match-backs, channel and creative specific phone numbers, custom URLs and more.