About Me

What makes me “me”

My internal drive and determination isn’t exclusively found in my work, where I go beyond the easily achievable to make a real difference. My drive defines my personality across my life.

Whether I’m working, training or competing in an event, or helping run my triathlon club, I give things my all.

In this section of the site, you will find more about the things that make me tick.

View from Snowdon to Llanberis

My career in a nutshell

My career has seen me operate in a wide variety of roles in a wide range of organisations. At the age of 20, I found myself consulting on client sites which taught me a lot about short-term engagements, and how to approach assignments.

Moving to Oracle was a life-changing decision, and I spent my time on-site working on ERP system implementations and customisation. I enjoyed this immensely, but started to get itchy feet, and having worked for Oracle in the USA for six months, I secured a permanent international transfer to Oracle Australia in Melbourne. Here I had my first experience of team leading, with teams up to 6. I was proud to win regional and national consulting awards for my work. A family decision brought me back to the UK.

Freelance contracting on the Oracle ERP suite proved successful, however starting a family meant that my lifestyle needed to change, so I took a permanent role at Toshiba. We’re all allowed one career mistake, so we’ll move quickly along to my 9 years at esure.


esure was in start-up, and I was given a small team, which I developed to 25, before programme managing a strategic piece of work involving 100 people and a budget of £3M. This was delivered to time and to budget, giving me a spring-board to e-Commerce programme manager. I was offered the opportunity by the Chairman to move to marketing to head up e-commerce, which I happily took.

Moving to marketing

I started in digital marketing in 2006, growing my team, budget and responsibilities before moving to Hiscox – a conscious decision to work for a premium brand. I was looking to market to a different audience and further develop my marketing and e-commerce skills. A change in role led me to leave in 2014, seeking a broader remit that was also closer to home while I had a young family.

Through the line

While at Kelliher Insurance Group I was responsible for digital and traditional/ offline marketing and e-commerce. I managed all digital and offline acquisition and brand marketing across the group, enjoying this end to end responsibility. I feel that for small to medium sized organisations this single point of responsibility for expenditure and income across all media and channels is the model that best ensures integrated planning, measurement and delivery.


I joined Ticker only a few days after they started trading, and assumed responsibility for digital marketing. Working in a start-up environment required a shift in mindset, changing direction and taking on additional responsibilities as required. As digital acquisition demanded less time, I took interim responsibility for the out-source call centre and customer relations. With COVID-19 closing all driving test centres, the demand for telematics insurance for new drivers plunged, I was made redundant.

Pre-revenue startup

I have joined You Toggle in a multi-layered role, focussed on the delivery of the policy administration system – the beating heart of any insurance business. Bringing 20 years of insurance experience to the table, I’m working across the business to scope out, specify, and deliver a code-free back-off system.

If you’d like to know more about me or my services, and how I can help your business, please get in touch. I’d love to chat.

What else keeps me busy

My work keeps me pretty busy, and is probably why you’re here, but there is more to me than Marketing and e-Commerce. You’ll see that triathlon is important to me, but it’s not all that I do. I also fund-raise, enjoy travelling and snapping things with my iPhone.