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This is my blog, which combines both professional articles and personal ones.

The professional articles relate to my career in online marketing, offline/ traditional marketing and e-commerce.

My personal articles cover a range of topics that includes triathlon, duathlon, travel and geneaology.

Professional Posts
African moon

Equality & Diversity

The social media echo chamber provides rich opportunities for self-expression. But will it hold brands to account, and bring about …


Image sourcing – 10 gotchas

Images are central pillars of a brand, having a profound effect on the way in which it is perceived externally. …

River Turtle

Agency Creative Briefing

When it comes to the question of “Budget” agency creative briefing can be like a game of high stakes poker, …

Other recent articles
Queen bee emerging

Bees on quaaludes

The girls had been up to more antics, but we were rewarded in fine style by hearing tooting.

Close-up of bee on hive

Again? Really?

Oh come on, this is getting plain ridiculous. The girls now taking to the sky most days...

Bearded bee hive in Guildford

Bee street party

Not for the first time, the girls get some sun, and stretch their wings over the garden.

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