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Charitable fund-raising

Over the years, I’ve taken part in a number of charitable fund-raising events for a variety of causes. My major focus has been Macmillan Cancer Support, for personal reasons, but I don’t fund-raise or donate only to them. I feel uncomfortable “rattling the tin” if I’m honest, and here’s the reason. If I’m doing something that is genuinely challenging, I feel rightly or wrongly that people will view the fund-raising being as much about my life achievements as much as it is about raising money. If the event is less demanding, it feels as though it’s not challenging enough to be worthy! Go figure…

Fund-raising highlights

Below are the accounts of the most demanding and rewarding challenges I’ve undertaken in order to raise funds for worthy causes. Each one has it’s own character and memories, whether this has been the training involved, the friendships made along the way, or the most pain during and after!
Eiffel Tower together

Event highlights

Cycling from London to Paris for Macmillan Cancer support in 2011

Cycling from London to Paris for Macmillan Cancer support in 2015

Trekking 102.9Km in 24 hours from London to Brighton for the British Heart Foundation in 2015.

Walking the 24 hour 3 Peaks National Challenge for SignPosts StartOver in 2016

Trekking 100Km (new route) in 24 hours from London to Brighton for Myeloma UK in 2019.


I don’t believe that charitable donations should cover the cost of my experiences, so all my charitable events have been self-funded.


In addition to Charitable Fund-Raising, as a family we recently volunteered on a Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. This was intended to broaden our horizons as a family, and to feel that we were “giving something back”. This might sound cheesy or contrived, however as 50% of our main family holiday in 2018, it was a significant commitment on our part. My account of our time at Riverside Wildlife and Rehabilitation Centre recalls our time.

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