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Below are a few frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers about me and my ways of working.

King Penguins going to sea

Are you a hands-on practitioner?

For over 12 years I have been managing teams across digital marketing and e-commerce optimisation, and the last 4 years managing traditional offline marketing. I have a very strong knowledge of these activities, their role, the measurements and optimisation.

I’m not an expert practitioner at an individual tool level. If you’re looking for an AdWords expert, SEO technical guru or digital creative wizard, I’m afraid that’s not me.

What’s with the images on the site?

I’ve chosen the images for a few reasons. Stock images have a distinct and useful role to play, however I’m not a massive fan of them. Stock images generally either cost a chunk of money, or you find yourself using images frequently found on other sites.

I fully understand how some people view it important that an image directly and obviously represents the subject of the words/ copy it is attached to. Connecting all images to the written word can present a bland, corporate look, and this website is about me. They’re all mine from my travels, so won’t (legitimately) appear anywhere else.