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Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing (and keeping it deliberately brief), is the creation of an inter-connected and consistent customer experience across all touch-points, media and channels in order to achieve a commercial goal.

The choice of media and channels will be determined by myriad factors and considerations, but central within this must be the target audience, and where they can be found and will be receptive to your message.

My Experience

Since 2006 I have been leading Digital Marketing teams, and since 2014 have been managing integrated online and offline marketing campaigns for both B2B and B2C audiences.

I am media and channel agnostic – it’s about the audience, their age, their wants, needs, communication preferences and lifestyle.

I have experience in Digital (PPC, SEO, Display, Email, Affiliates, Social, Content, and PR) as well as Offline/ Traditional Marketing (Press, Radio, Direct Mail, PR, TV and Events).

I’m comfortable planning campaigns, understanding as I do the difference roles that the media play, their strengths and their weaknesses.
Humming bird

A little more detail

Strategy and planning

  • Marketing strategy development and delivery
  • Campaign planning, execution, reporting and optimisation
  • Content strategy and planning, development, delivery and measurement
  • Proposition development
  • Budget formulation, management and reporting (£thousands to £millions)
  • Integrated marketing, digital marketing, and offline/ traditional marketing
  • Communication strategy development


  • Marketing, Public Relations, Creative and Digital agency management
  • Agency pitching, evaluation, selection, and negotiation
  • Stakeholder management and internal communication
  • Staff management – Marketing Managers, Campaign Managers, Content Managers, Copywriters, Analysts, Execs, Assistants, Creatives
  • Hiscox Marketing Academy. Diploma in Digital Marketing. Media trained

Campaign Management

  • Media evaluation, planning, negotiation and buying
  • Measurement including ROPO, and myriad “Cost Per” models
  • Measurement including channel, medium, web analytics, digital attribution modelling, and econometrics (limited)
  • Evaluation, reporting and optimisation
  • Data sourcing, cleansing, privacy, security and GDPR


  • Brand development and guidelines
  • Content creation, deployment and curation
  • Brand awareness, customer acquisition, income generation and loyalty
  • Customer reviews, surveys and NPS
  • Customer acquisition, retention, reactivation and lifetime value modelling
  • Cross-selling, up-selling, segmentation and personalisation
  • Award entry briefing, submission and winning
  • Event management, including promotional merchandise


  • Print / Radio / Digital / Direct Mail / SMS
  • TV (limited) / TeleMarketing (limited)

Digital Channels

  • PPC / SEO / Social / Email / Display / Affiliates / Aggregators

Models and Principles

  • Through the Line, Above the Line, and Below the Line
  • Behavioural economics, and the nudge principle
  • Various models including AIDA, ABCD(EF), McKinsey etc.

Audience targeting

  • B2B (Sole trader, vSME, SME, mid-size and corporate)
  • B2C (Mass market, mid-net worth and high net worth)
  • Audience profiling, segmentation, targeting and response analysis