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Reginald Walter Longley 1877 to 1955

Reginald Walter Longley 1877 – 1955

Reginald Walter Longley (1877-1955) m Alice Monica Longley (1878-1953) on January 1902

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This post is part of my broader research into the Longleys of Leeds.  

Reginald Walter Longley was born on the 26th June 1877, in Leeds – the son of John William Longley (Chemist and druggist) and Christiana Hodgson (of York).

To his family, he was known as “Dick” or “Dickie” – though I have yet to find out why. The whole family seems to go by names other than the ones that they were christened with…

He was baptised 18th July 1887 – St Luke, Leeds.

In his early years he lived at the family home above the chemist shop that his father owned on the corner of 73 North Street and Grafton Street.

1881 – 73 North Street, Leeds
1891 – 43 Grafton Street

His early education was at the Leeds Church middle class school, which was famous for prioritising the teaching of science. His report card from the first term of 1891 shows a mixed curriculum including Holy Scripture, Arithmetic, Euclid, Algebra, Chemistry and Electricity. He matriculated in 1897.

A postcard dated 29th August 1891 reads

Transcript: Dear Longley You have done splendidly – go on and prosper, faithfully yours, E. ???
?? Chemistry First Class (Bravo!) Electricity First Class. Chemistry – First Class.
I have never been more pleased with a boy’s progress. E. J.

At the time of his attendance, Leeds Church Middle Class School was located on Vernon Street – off Woodhouse Lane. While some older buildings still remain on Vernon Street, the school appears to have been knocked down.

Leeds Church Middle Class School, Vernon Street, Leeds

Having completed his primary and secondary education he left home to study at Peterhouse, Cambridge, starting his studies on the 4th August 1897.

Transcript: Reginald Walter Longley. Born 26 June 1877 at Leeds. Son of John William Longley: Guardian Alfred Whitehouse Esq, Bryn Afon, Pool, Leeds. Educated at Leeds Church Middle Class School. Received by Rev T. Dowle MA, Manningham, Bradford. Adm. 4 Aug: commenced res. 1 Oct 1897. BA Nat Sci Tri Pt I) 1900.

It’s interesting to note that his guardian is listed as Alfred Whitehead – a name that appears through his life. Alfred had married Elizabeth Longley (John William’s sister).

Alfred Whitehead

He graduated with a B.A. (3rd class) in 1900 in the Natural Science Tripos.

The 1901 shows him living on Mill Hill, in New Alresford, Hampshire where he’s teaching at Perin’s Grammar School, which was located on West Street at its junction with The Dean. A free grammar school had been founded in Alresford in 1696 by Christopher Perin. The two wings were the school part, the middle was the headmaster’s house.

The building still exists – it’s just that as at Summer 2022 it’s now Shapla Indian restaurant.

Perin’s Grammar School, West Street, Alresford, Hampshire

In January 1902 he marries his second cousin Alice Monica Longley, who is living at home in Conisholme, Lincolnshire with her father Canon Thomas Longley. At this point, his occupation is recorded as Schoolmaster, and he’s living at Wigton, Cumberland, where he’s a Science Master at Nelson School.

What takes him from leafy Hampshire to the edge of the Lake District is anyone’s guess. The school was barely 6 years old when he arrived, and so maybe it was making a name for itself, and he was attracted to it. The clue may lie in a prospectus dated 1901 which talks about the origins of the school – based on Hymer’s College (Hull). A handwritten note from RWL shows that he has previously written about this institution.

The Nelson School, Wigton, Cumbria

Walter Gerald Longley born 4th October 1902 (see later)

He was ordained deacon (Norwich) 7th June 1903 by Bishop Sheepshanks (St Bartholemew’s, Heigham, Norwich)

Ordained as a Priest, 1904.

Eric Thomas Oswald Longley was born April 1904

Curate of St Bartholomew, Heigham, Norfolk, 1903-6.:

St Bartholomew’s Church, Heigham (1938).
Mostly destroyed in 1942 by German bombing.

Assistance curate of Saint Cuthbert’s, Sprowston, Norwich 1906-1909

St Cuthbert’s, Sprowston, Norwich

Cedric John Longley was born 18th January 1907 (Sprowston)

1908 – Living at Ivy House, Sprowston Road, Norwich

Entry from 1909 Kelly’s Directory of Clergy:

Curate of St George’s, Saham-Toney, 1909-1910.

St George’s, Saham Toney.

Hilda Monica Longley was born 11th March 1910 (Saham Toney, Norfolk)

1911 – Living at 217 Earlham Road, Norwich

Curate of St Barnabas, Heigham, 1910-12.

St Barnabas Church, Heigham

Entry from 1912 Kelly’s Directory of Clergy:

Transcript: Longley Reverend Walter B.A. (vicar of St. Martin-at-Palace & chaplain of H.M Prison, Norwich), Vicarage, St Martin’s Palace plain.

1912 – Living at 42 All Saints Green, Norwich

Vicar of St Martin at Palace, Norwich, 1912-18.

St Martin at Palace, Norwich

Alice Margaret Longley is born 7th February 1916 (Norwich)

Entry from 1916 Kelly’s Directory of Clergy:

Transcript: Longley Reverend Walter B.A. (vicar of St. Martin-at-Palace & chaplain of H.M Prison, Norwich), Vicarage, St Martin’s Palace plain.

1916 – Living at Vicarage, St Martin-at-Palace, and Chaplain of H.M. Prison, Norwich.

Vicar of St Philip’s, Heigham, Norwich, 1918-27.

St Philips, Heigham

Honorary Canon of Norwich.

M.A. in 1926 from Peterhouse, Cambridge.

Honorary canon of Norwich in 1926 (reported in Kelly’s 1933).

Rector of Banham, Norfolk, 1927-1955

St Mary the Virgin, Banham

Kelly’s of 1932:

When we visited Banham in April 2013, we met the current Rector – David Hills. He showed us around the church, as well as the outskirts of the rectory. He recounted a story about Reginald. The story was told that workers on the land were able to have a day off from work if they were attending church. (I’ve since read that RWL set up services specifically for working men). The men took advantage of this privilege, though not all would be found at church.

The story goes that Reginald would report non-attendance to their employers/ masters, and that more than one person lost their livelihood and/ or house as a result. David Hills indicated that as a result, the name Longley was not necessarily universally well received in Banham, even to this day.

Dad (David Michael) rather refutes this, however my money is on the rectors story as it’s beyond me as to how or why he would make this up.

Reginald Walter was 6’4” and smoked a pipe.

Alice Monica Longley died October 1953

Reginald Walter died 5th September 1955.

In April 1956, probate is granted to Walter Gerald Longley and Eric Thomas Oswald Longley:

Transcript: Longley the reverend Canon Reginald Walter of The Rectory Banham Norfolk clerk died 5 September 1955. Probate Norwich 25 April to Walter Gerald Longley electricity board clerk and Eric Thomas Oswald Longley bank accountant. Effects £4440 10s. 10d.

1951, Banham : From left to right : Phillip Case (hanky in pocket); Andrew Case (young lad); Hilda Case (nee Longley); Dominic Case (young lad); Alice Margaret Longley (white sweater); Doris Joan Longley (nee Hargrave); David Michael Longley; Walter Gerald Longley; Mary Butler-Fleming; Reginald Walter Longley; Susan Gay Longley (white collar); Cedric Longley (photo); Alice Monica Longley (nee Longley); Eric Longley; Mamie Longley (nee Dixon); Ann Felicity Longley (black skirt); Stephen Roger Longley (blazer and shorts); Monica Longley (nee Holden); Sheila Monica Longley (hands at side); Timothy John Richard Longley (hands at side)

The children of Reginald Walter and Alice Monica

Walter Gerald Longley (b1902) is a commercial artist and electricity board clerk. See later.

Eric Thomas Oswald Longley (b1904) has two daughters, both of whom emigrate to New Zealand. I wonder whether Eric was also due to emigrate to NZ (see Walter Gerald Longley).

Cedric John Longley (b1907) (AKA “Bob”) has two children. Timothy John Richard travels a lot internationally, while Stephen Roger emigrates to the USA and dies very young.

Hilda Monica Longley (b1910) marries Philip Case. They have 2 boys who die within days (one is not named), then Andrew who lives in Rickmansworth near his parents, and Dominic who emigrates to Australia.

Alice Margaret Longley (b1916) marries twice, passing away in Chippenham.