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Longley Family Pics

Longley Pics

A collection of Longley family pics. Most names unknown…


Pestle and Mortars

Reverend Alfred Lambert, and presumably his wife Jane Metcalfe.

Unknown, however the mother and daughter appear in the next family picture. The young lady looks very similar to a known picture of Nora Christine Longley. If so, this means that this family is John William Longley, Christiana Longley (nee Hodgson), Nora Christine and possibly Hilda Maria Longley. Hilda Maria was only 4 years younger than her sister, and I’d suggest that there’s more than 4 years between these two.

The gent in this picture could well be the man from the family group. The hair, glasses and moustache match up – he’s just lost the beard.

Thomas and Alice Longley

Canon Thomas Longley, and presumably his wife Alice Monica Longley.

The name Whitehead has been written in by my father, so I wonder if this is Alfred Whitehead, and therefore his wife Elizabeth Longley (daughter of John Longley and Elizabeth Demaine).

Reginald Walter Longley

Reginald Walter Longley – my great grand-father, and Vicar of Banham.