James William Longley coin

James William Longley

With stories of murder, abduction, suicide, court-battles, and police cover-ups, the origins of film could have been written by an over-enthusiastic Holywood script-writer. James William Longley So, just who invented cinematography? Unless you’re a film buff, an historian or just somebody with lots of random knowledge, the answer may surprise you. The birthplace of film Read more about James William Longley[…]

William Longley - Battle Rouser

William Longley Battel Rouser

Screaming along the ground for 100 yards emitting white sparks before exploding at ground level, the Battel Rouser was the brainchild of William Longley, and the stuff of pyrotechnic legend. The Battle/ Battel Bonfire The Battle Bonfire has been running for fast approaching 400 years, having been recorded as early as 1646. As far back Read more about William Longley Battel Rouser[…]

Wild Bill Longley

Wild Bill Longley

William Preston Longley, AKA “Wild Bill Longley” must be the most widely documented and studied Longley on the planet bar none. Wild Bill Longley Born in in Texas in 1851, William Preston Longley rapidly developed a well-deserved reputation as an un-forgiving, racist, hot-headed, unpredictable, highly accurate and ruthless killer. He was captured and jailed half Read more about Wild Bill Longley[…]