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Cocktails for wasps

A Friday night trip to TESCO used to be about Staropramen and cheese-balls. Now it’s about alcohol free cider for the wasps.

Thirsty work

It’s thirsty work being a wasp – hanging around the apiary all day, hoping to steal somebody else’s hard work.

Not wanting dehydrated wasps, and given it’s Friday night, a trip to TESCO seemed the kind thing to do.
Cider cans and gin bottle

Only the best for our wasps

We’ve realised to our cost this week that Rekorderlig just doesn’t cut it with wasps in Onslow Village. Re-filling the wasp traps with pear flavoured Rek yielded almost no takers, and so the girls were having to work extra hard. Given our recent “robbing” of their hives, to leave them to fend for themselves didn’t seem fair.

Staggering out of TESCO under the weight of zero % Kopparberg cider and zero % beer (my hedonistic lifestyle has finally caught up with me), it just fell to me to mix the drinks.

I’ve decided not to chill the cider. That would be plain silly. Today’s Happy Hour doesn’t have marmalade either. Mrs L got a little irate about using her Golden Shred on the wasps, so I’m hoping to economise. That way I also have a chance of paying for some gas and electricity in the autumn and winter.

Enjoy your Friday evening wasps. At least you won’t have to worry about hangovers…