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Marketing Consultancy in Guildford


A warm welcome to this corner of the internet that’s dedicated to me. As such, it’s a very small corner, and eclectic with it. Best practice is to create separation between ones personal life and ones professional life, but as we see increasingly frequently on LinkedIn these days, those lines are increasingly blurred. So, here you have a melting pot that is “me”.

On Tools Award Winner

My work as a marketing and change manager with over 20 years insurance experience, including 4 years working at telematics insurtech start-ups from pre-revenue to fast growth. Earned, Owned, and Paid. Digital, Traditional, Integrated. Planning, Activation, Measurement. I’ve seen and done a broad spectrum.

Close-up of bees

The trials and tribulations of our lives as amateur bee-keepers in Guildford, chronicling the many learning points along the way. Remarkable little creatures. Immensely, and I mean truly inspiringly, sophisticated as a social structure. Tenacious beyond belief. Sadly under attack from humans. Destroy the pollinators and we destroy our future.

Guildford High Street

A growing section of the website dedicated to the history of Guildford, and walking tours designed for adults and younger audiences. Making Guildford “home” in 1998, I’ve taken a keen interest in the centre and its history, and hope to bring some new corners of it to you. For example, have you visited Quaker’s Acre?

1841 St Peters Square census

Principally tracing my family name from the current era back to industrial Leeds and York in the 18th century, but also taking a wider look. Researching, and almost always de-bunking, legends of huge family riches and connections with historical heavyweights. Oh, and exploring other Longleys – such as the ruthless gun-slinger Wild Bill Longley, and the full-figured Thomas Longley, who weighed in at 292Kg, and was reportedly the heaviest of Her Majesty’s subjects.