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Equality & Diversity

The social media echo chamber provides rich opportunities for self-expression. But will it hold brands to account, and bring about the long-overdue widespread acceptance of inclusive marketing, or ultimately harm the cause, and be the death of creative marketing? Equality and Diversity in Marketing While sat in having a coffee in my favourite café, the Read more about Equality & Diversity[…]


Image sourcing – 10 gotchas

Images are central pillars of a brand, having a profound effect on the way in which it is perceived externally. Images equally have an important role in internal communication, in the form of presentations, stationery, posters and every day emails. Image sourcing – 10 gotchas Without due care and knowledge, it is all too easy Read more about Image sourcing – 10 gotchas[…]

Northern Lights

Digital data – friend or foe?

Far from being the friend of the digital professional, the quantity and availability of digital data can be your nemesis. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. If not handled with care, analysis of digital data, whether this is marketing or e-commerce, can soak an inexhaustible amount of time. It’s insatiable. Conversely, when it’s managed well, the Read more about Digital data – friend or foe?[…]


Understanding your B2B site visitors

You’ve worked hard to bring increasing numbers of visitors to your B2B website, and this is undeniably great news. But just how much do you know about them? Understanding B2B site visitors Getting people to a website is relatively easy, but unless they register with you. They may simply disappear again – as unknown to Read more about Understanding your B2B site visitors[…]