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Guildford Walking Tour : St Nicolas Church

St Nicolas Church

Here you’ll find 2 markers on the church wall, recording the height of the 1968 floodwaters. Taking a moment to look around, you’ll get a sense as to just how severe this flood was – the product of over 9cm of rain falling in a single day….

The church you see today is the latest of 3 churches built on this site, and can trace its origins as far back as the 15th century in the form of Loseley chapel. The main body of the church was built between 1870 and 1875, and it was consecrated in 1876. P.G. Wodehouse was baptised here.

Before moving on, cast your eye over the road to the George Abbot pub. Built in 1808 beside the turnpike road to Portsmouth, this pub was originally the Greyhound – named after the King’s messengers who used the road. The name is arguably now more apposite given that George Abbot (Archbishop of Canterbury) was born close to this spot.

St Nicolas Flood Level
You now have a choice: Lewis Carroll extension : Tap on the White Rabbit to visit the final resting place of Lewis Carroll, a Victorian folly dedicated to a father’s tragic loss, views across Guildford, and views of London including Wembley and the London skyline (on a clear day). This adds about a mile to the overall trail, and it’s up a relatively steep hill.

Shorter route : Tap on the Mad Hatter to continue the shorter route.