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Guildford Walking Tour : St Mary’s Church

St Mary’s Church

Located on Quarry Street (originally known as South Street) St Mary’s church is the oldest building in Guildford – being built in AD1040, and pre-dating Guildford Castle. It’s likely that a Saxon timber-built church existed here from as early as 600AD – when Guildford was settled. Lewis Carroll occasionally preached here, and it was here that his funeral service was held in 1898, though he’s buried in Guildown Cemetery.

If you choose to explore the churchyard, or the church (it’s beautiful inside), the route continues from the gate you are standing at now. Please be respectful of those at rest.

St Mary's church skull


From the churchyard entrance, and having checked for traffic, cross over Quarry Street, turn right, walk about 10 paces, then turn to face the High Street.

Above you you’ll see a ghost sign that advertises Eashing Farm – a milk bar that was popular in its day. It reads:

“Slow Down. Turn left. Halt before traffic lights for Guildford’s most popular rendezvous and good food. Eashing Farm restaurant. 100 High Street.”

“100 High Street” doesn’t make any sense with today’s numbering, so even if the building existed, it will take detective work to find it.

Turn around again (now facing away from the High Street), continue along Quarry Street until you reach Olivo Restaurant – on the junction with Castle Street.

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