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Guildford Walking Tour : Guildford House

Guildford House

Guildford House is now Guildford’s art gallery, which principally dates back to 1660, though what you see today was built on top of a much older timber-framed house. The major phases of construction were the 1660’s and the 1680’s. Ownership of the house changed between notable Guildford families including the Childs and the Martyrs – who made alterations to the house, including the panelling in the first-floor Sheriff’s Parlour (now the Powell Room), where the Martyrs entertained the Sheriff of Surrey and the judges when the assizes were held in Guildford.

The original steps to the High Street were removed, and bay windows inserted when the house became a shop in 1841. It was bought by The Guildford Corporation for use as an art gallery, which opened its doors in 1957.

Looking across the road at Sainsbury’s, you’ll see a stone white hart – a small reminder that this site was once home to the White Hart coaching inn, which was knocked down in 1905.

Continue about 50m up The High Street. Cross over the High Street, walk up the steps to the right of the church (Holy Trinity), and into the church yard beyond.

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