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Campaign Activation

Campaign Delivery

Since 2006 I have been taking digital marketing campaigns to market, and since 2014 have been delivering integrated digital and offline/ traditional campaigns. On this page I outline my experience in this area, and how I can help your business.

Asset Creation

I have been briefing internal creatives and external agencies across digital and offline for many years, with varying levels of detail. I prefer to give creatives sufficient flexibility to express themselves, and am confident in providing clear, unambiguous and constructive feedback.

Data Acquisition

I have acquired data through numerous sources, with varying degrees of scale and success. I know the things to look out for, and many of the pitfalls (age, exclusivity, usage rights, one-off vs multiple usage, cleanliness etc.) that come with buying data. I would generally recommend exhausting internal or partner data before purchasing lists. I would always seek a sufficiently large sample set at low or zero cost.

Media Booking

As with Asset Creation (above) I have many years in planning, negotiating and booking media directly, as well as working with agencies on this. My preferred route is via agencies as they should possess greater buying power and market visibility, however I’m entirely comfortably running this directly. My Media Booking covers all digital channels and a number of offline, including Radio, Press and TV.
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Integrated Tracking

Having worked across digital and offline for a number of years, I am very familiar with the requirement to track campaigns comprehensively, and have used multiple techniques.

I always view a campaign “in the round”, including all response channels, and all marketing media and channels. This is particularly important in a multi-channel environment where there will be a website, a call centre and possibly shops.

Before launching a campaign, I’ll run through the following check-list:

  • All digital media is tagged (channel and creative/ keyword)
  • Campaign specific URLs
  • Campaign specific phone numbers
  • Campaign specific discount/ offer/ coupon codes
  • Dynamic telephone number tracking
  • Post-code match back facilities
  • Web Analytics
  • Telephony statistics 


Using all of the above, I have built dashboards and KPIs to measure campaign performance, for a range of audiences.