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Offline Marketing

Offline Marketing

Offline marketing, or otherwise known as traditional marketing, is an area that I have been working in for nearly four years.

While it’s true that I don’t have the depth in offline marketing that I do in digital, it has been a significant part of my role since August 2014.

During this time, I have acquired experience in planning, buying and activating/ managing the following:
  • Press
  • Radio
  • Public Relations
  • Direct Mail
  • TV
  • Outdoor/ Out of Home
Jurassic Coast


Throughout the last 3 years I have been buying space in trade publications as well as consumer titles. This has been in the form of paid placements, in addition to the development of editorial content and advertorials.

The buying has been based on audited circulation, audience fit, cost, time of year and objective.

I have also bought and placed content in broadsheets and tabloids on an advertorial basis, to build brand awareness and affinity.

I always seek to obtain preferential placements at negotiated rates, looking to understand what other content is present, as well as which competitors are currently running in the title.

Press placements have generally been negotiated with digital extras such as solus/ newsletter emails or display.


Radio has been part of my role since August 2014, during which time I have been involved in station selection, spot planning, creative development and campaign measurement.

I’m entirely comfortable with the creative considerations, planning measurements such as OTH and Impacts, the approvals process and timelines for booking.

Public Relations

Public Relations, or PR, has been a modest part of my role over the last 3 years, however I have learnt a lot.

The principles of PR are very familiar to me in terms of the formulation of press releases in terms of what editors will look for. I work to understand the feature schedule of publications through the year in order to maximise the opportunity for placement of editorial content.

While PR is heavily based on relationships, I do not have a network of journalists and editors.

Direct Mail

My direct experience with Direct Mail is relatively limited, though I am very aware of the role it has to play, the limitations, cost considerations and measurement techniques.


I have some experience in direct response TV, having been involved in a 2 month campaign in 2017. Through this I developed an understanding of the media planning and buying process, creative development and approval, and campaign measurement.

While TV is an area I have exposure to, it’s not something I would hold up as a core skill, but feel that the considerations applied to TV differ only modestly from other media.

Outdoor/ Out of Home

I have worked alongside marketers planning and buying outdoor and out of home for some years. During this time I have seen the convergence of traditional out of home (e.g. escalator panels) with digital, and the benefits this brings in targeting, flexibility in creative and  measurement.

While with a former employer, we gained significant exposure with a campaign that combined location based digital sponsorship with outdoor advertising.

I have researched other out of home options, including petrol forecourt advertising, road-side digital panels and more.

Working with me

I believe that offline, or traditional, marketing has a continuing role to play, and studies continue to demonstrate the impact of mass media such as TV and Radio. I would always advocate planning media in an integrated capacity, ensuring alignment in geography, timing, messaging and creative.

If you’d like to know more about how I can help, I’d love to chat.

If you’d like to know more about me or my experience, and how I can help your business, please get in touch. I’d love to chat.