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James William Longley

With stories of murder, abduction, suicide, court-battles, and police cover-ups, the origins of film could have been written by an over-enthusiastic Holywood script-writer. James William Longley So, just who invented cinematography? Unless you’re a film buff, an historian or just somebody with lots of random knowledge, the answer may surprise you. The birthplace of film Read more about James William Longley[…]

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The ROI of Accessibility

Over the last 14 years I’ve sat in numerous meetings with a wide range of colleagues including development managers, marketing managers, developers, directors, managing directors and CEOs discussing Accessibility, and the need for it. These discussions provoke a fairly standard set questions and responses: What is Accessibility? Do we have to “do” Accessibility? What’s the Read more about The ROI of Accessibility[…]

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How Marketing and Advertising relate

Marketing and Advertising The words Marketing and Advertising can be confused with one-another, and with good reason given the way in which they are sometimes interchangeably used. This is further complicated when the world of Public Relations (PR) is introduced. In this article, I look at the key differences between them, and how they inter-relate. Read more about How Marketing and Advertising relate[…]